Founded in Quebec in 2013 to serve the North American market, DistribuSAC manufactures imports and distributes plastic packaging bags products. DistribuSAC’s factory is located in Yantai in the Province of Shandong (China)

DistribuSAC ’s producing factory, founded in 1977, is at the leading edge of technology and operates its own department of research and development. Consequently, in line with its innovative vision, the company created its own printing department and proceeds itself to the mixing of different raw materials.

The factory which approximately covers an area of 1 km2, integrates design, blown film, color printing, segmentation and cutting, hence providing a packaging supply service "one stop shop" style.

DistribuSAC follows strict quality control standards in order to guarantee quality products which are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, USA, Canada and Western Europe.

DistribuSAC’s mission is to provide high quality customized products at the lowest prices.

In order to meet its mission, DistribuSAC is committed to:

• meet its delivery deadlines at all time
• respond to your requests in a timely fashion
• offer a wide variety of products to best suit your needs.